200 Iron-On Name Tapes

200 Iron-On Name Tapes

Rhino Trunk & Case
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Our iron on clothing name tapes are printed in our factory on white 5/8” × 2” fabric. Printed in your choice of 1, 2 or 3 lines with indelible black ink, the name tape will be crisp and clear to read. The name will never smear or fade. Our labels are extremely durable and will hold up great in the wash. They’re the highest quality in the industry. The name tapes are pre-cut 200 to a package and are very quick and easy to apply. No separating or cutting is necessary. Simply remove from the package, lay one on the clothing and iron it on. There will be thousands of clothes at camp or college or in the barracks that look very similar. Therefore, name tapes are a must to prevent lost or mixed up clothing.


Note: Trunk Stickers and Decals do not stick to Armor trunks

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