Welcome Kanakuk Kampers!

TrunkOutlet is proud to be associated with Kanakuk Kamps as the supplier of high quality American Made trunks, duffels, clothing nametapes and other necessary kamp items.  All products listed on this website meet Kamp Kanakuk's requirements.

Through this website, you can purchase your trunks, duffels and other kamp products directly from our facility and have them shipped straight to your home or office.  If you are purchasing items as a gift, we can ship directly to the kamper's home.

For decades, TrunkOutlet has provided premium quality trunks, duffels and camping accessories to kampers the world over.  We are the most popular trunk supplier on the Internet and are proud to serve the Kanakuk community!

  • Rhino Indestructo Travel Trunk Rhino Indestructo Travel Trunk Available in 3 sizes. Small and Large meet airline baggage check-in standards. Designed to withstand airline & shipping abuse. Great for airline & cruise travel, military deployment, camp, college, trade shows & shipping. FREE UPS Ground Shipping in U.S.
  • Rhino Armor Trunks Rhino Armor Trunks 11 sizes & 18 colors. Also known as footlockers & steamer trunks. Great as camp trunks, dorm trunks & storage trunks. FREE UPS Ground Shipping in U.S.
  • Rhino Sticker Trunks Rhino Sticker Trunks 11 sizes & 16 colors. Ideal for decorating with stickers and decals. Great trunks for camp, college and storage. FREE UPS Ground Shipping in U.S.
  • Naked Rhino Trunks Naked Rhino Trunks 10 sizes. Great for decorating. Footlocker & steamer trunk sizes. All will make a nice camp trunk, college trunk or storage trunk. FREE UPS Ground Shipping in U.S.
  • Trunk Decals Trunk Decals Decorate Your Sticker Trunk with our Designer Trunk Decals
  • Duffel Bags and Cargo Bags Duffel Bags and Cargo Bags Available in many styles, sizes and colors with or without wheels.
  • Trunk Accessories Trunk Accessories Locks , ID tags, wheels, trays, cedar items & more. Great to go with camp trunks, college trunks, storage trunks & footlockers.
  • Duffel Bag Accessories Duffel Bag Accessories Locks, luggage tags, odor and moisture absorbing products.
  • Identification Identification Perfect for identifying & personalizing a camp trunk, college trunk or duffel bag. Available in 2 sizes & 5 colors.
  • Name Tapes Name Tapes These easy-to-use iron on name tapes are ideal for labeling clothes for use at summer camp, college and nursing homes.
  • Bed, Bath and Bunk Bed, Bath and Bunk Includes sheets, blankets, towels, toiletry items, bunk organizers, nylon bags and more. Many styles and colors to choose from.
  • Hanging Bags, Shoe Bags and Organizers Hanging Bags, Shoe Bags and Organizers Popular items for summer camp and college.
  • Camping Gear Camping Gear Includes rain ponchos, lighting, sunscreen, bug repellents and many more popular items for summer and outdoor camping.
  • Sleeping Bags Sleeping Bags Choose from mummy or rectangular in many sizes and colors. Liners, pads and pillows are also available.
  • Flashlights, Headlamps, Booklight Flashlights, Headlamps, Booklight Many styles to choose from.